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Counting Butterflies at San Bruno

Today was the 2012 San Bruno Mountain North American Butterfly Association (NABA) count, led by lepidopterist Liam O’Brien and wildlife biologist Patrick Kobernus. You can check it out here, at Liam’s blog or see some of the photos below.

Our first butterfly:

We found some Mission Blue eggs!
 Found a butterfly!
Butterfly net comes in handy…
Looking for and finding butterflies and talking about them
A Swallowtail!
Another friend
Another little guy
and another butterfly, a little out of focus
One with a bite taken out of it…
Some more
View from the top of the mountain…
The crew!
And some pretty murals to top it off
Here’s the breakdown:
Butterflies SBM; 7/15/2012
Umber skipper: 2
Rural skipper: 3
Fiery skipper: 2
Propertius duskywing: 12
Funeral duskywing: 1
Mournful duskywing: 4
Common checkered skipper: 15
Cabbage white: 13
California ringlette: 13
Common buckeye: 57
Callippe silverspot: 16
Myletta crescent: 4
Field crescent: 1
West coast lady: 5
American painted lady: 6
Red admiral: 4
Western brown elfin: 1
Hedgerow hairstreak: 1
Gray hairstreak: 1
Acmon blue: 1
Echo blue: 10
Pale swallowtail: 1
Annis swallowtail: 24
Total 197
Mission blue (egg) on L.formosus: 1
Unid Pieridae: 2
Unid Hesperidae: 2
Unid Nymphalidae: 1
Unid Papilionidae: 1
Unid Lycaenidae: 2
Total with others (not including Mission Blue egg)

One comment on “Counting Butterflies at San Bruno

  1. Liam O'Brien
    July 16, 2012

    A wonderful day. Mat, thanks for all of your photos and all of the work your group is doing. Call me anytime.

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