Save the Lange's Metalmark Butterfly!

A wonderful neighbor of the Antioch area

San Francisco Butterfly Count. Another Record Year

The San Francisco Butterfly Count was amazing! We saw 26 total species, tying last years record, and 916 total individuals. (last year – 967) Amazing!

When we hold it later in the window, spring species fall out (especially in low rain years) – no Large Marbles. Monarchs are rare (having not passed through the city yet on the way south.) Holding it late gave us the Pygmy Blue. Low numbers in species reflexes more just catching the end or the beginning of a species flight. The count is always an interesting snapshot into the city. Wonderful to see the trends through the years as things adapt and depart from the cement jungle. Quite a Darwinian place for butterflies.

I can’t express enough gratitude to that group of loyal, hardcore naturalists that show up on such crazy short notice each year to pull this off. We have MANY passionate lepidopterists in this city, taking time out of their lives to take the pulse of these ephemeral residents that give us so much joy. What a splendid thing. To see Liam’s blogpost, check out:


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