Save the Lange's Metalmark Butterfly!

A wonderful neighbor of the Antioch area

Interview with Brent Plater on Antioch, Butterflies and EcoJustice

Check out the Metalmark Crew’s interview with Brent Plater as he discusses environmental justice, the conservation movement, and his work to protect the Lange’s metalmark butterflies in Antioch, California.

Brent Plater: Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly Interview from Metalmark Crew on Vimeo.

You can see more information at

The Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly, the Antioch Dunes Evening Primrose, and the Contra Costa Wildflower are all highly endangered, and even small changes in the plant distribution at the dunes could take these species, adversely modify critical habitat, impede recovery, and even cause the species to go extinct. In particular, the Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly is so critically endangered that a single failure in the productivity of the species host plant could lead to the permanent extinction of the species.


Moreover, the power plants are concentrating large amounts of pollution in a diverse, moderate- to low-income community—in no small part because of environmental justice gains in more organized communities that prevented power plants from being built there. Antioch is the last stop for many power plant projects—and the local community’s air quality suffers because of it.

The Wild Equity Institute is working with conservation, environmental justice, and social service organizations to reduce emissions from these power plants so that people and the plants and animals that live near the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge can thrive.


One comment on “Interview with Brent Plater on Antioch, Butterflies and EcoJustice

  1. metalmarkcrew
    February 19, 2013

    If you would like to see the video, please comment here and we’ll send you a password!

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