Save the Lange's Metalmark Butterfly!

A wonderful neighbor of the Antioch area


Many people protect what they love, but it’s hard to love something you never see! Head to the dunes and see how many butterflies you can find…come help us count butterflies, restore habitat, and let Contra Costa know they are on the verge of losing a beautiful creature!!

You can take our Pledge to help save the Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly by restoring critical butterfly homes. Volunteers are needed to pull weeds and count butterflies and plants!

You can also call the refuge at (707) 769-4200, or go to

Along with this strategy, the following butterfly recovery program is being implemented to varying degrees. 

Recovery Priorities

The draft recovery plan for the Lange’s Metalmark butterfly recommends:

  • Acquisition of more key habitats.
  • Continued restoration of habitats (which may include removal of exotic vegetation).
  • Maintenance of habitats including restricting development and mining.
  • Control or management of public use (e.g., restricting excessive foot travel, off-road vehicle use, and campfires).
  • Measures to control or manage fuelbreaks and other fire prevention activities.
  • A limited program of captive breeding (and possibly transplanting individuals) and planting of larval food plants, if necessary.

So get involved…!


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